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The lost wax process starts with a copy made out of wax. It can be hand carved for one of a kind pieces, or injected into a mold for production runs.
Wax Amuilet
This wax is fresh out of the mold. It is one of many of these amulets.
Wax Rooster
This rooster was hand carved. It still needs some more work.
Wax Amulet Tree
When the waxes are complete, they are "treed up" for casting. The metal cylinder in the background will encase the tree, and it will be filled with a plaster like material.
Brass Amulets
After the wax is melted out of the mold, metal is poured into the caviety.
Bird castings
Often several pieces will be put into the same flask and poured together.
Cast Hummingbird
Finished hummingbird casting.
Cast Rooster
Finished rooster casting.